Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board Fumiya Kokubu Biography
President and CEO Masumi Kakinoki Biography
Senior Executive Vice President Akira Terakawa
Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Products Group
Senior Managing Executive Officer Takayuki Furuya
CFO; Chief Operating Officer, Investor Relations and Credit Ratings; Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee; Chief Sustainable Development Officer; Chairman of Disclosure Committee
Outside Directors Kyohei Takahashi Biography
Yuri Okina Biography
Masato Kitera Biography
Shigeki Ishizuka Biography
Hisayoshi Ando Biography
Mutsuko Hatano Biography

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Members Takao Ando Biography
Toshiaki Kida Biography
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members Tsuyoshi Yoneda Biography
Yoichi Kikuchi Biography
Shigeru Nishiyama Biography

Executive Officers

Senior Managing Executive Officers Mutsumi Ishizuki
CAO; Senior Operating Officer, Audit Dept.; Senior Operating Officer, Executive Secretariat; Vice Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee; Chief Compliance Officer; Chairman of Internal Control Committee; Chief Information Officer
Jun Horie
Chief Executive Officer, Materials Group
Kenichiro Oikawa
CSO; Regional CEO for East Asia; Regional CEO for Japan Business; Vice Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee
Managing Executive Officers Yoshiaki Yokota
Chief Executive Officer, Energy & Infrastructure Solution Group
Hidekazu Futai
Chief Operating Officer, Agri Business Div.
Jiro Itai
Chief Executive Officer, Transportation & Industrial Machinery, Financial Business Group
Kosuke Takechi
Regional CEO for the Americas; Regional COO for North & Central America; President and CEO, Marubeni America Corporation
Seiichi Kuwata
Regional CEO for Europe & CIS; Regional COO for Europe; Managing Director and CEO, Marubeni Europe plc
Naoshi Hirose
Senior Operating Officer for CSO
Tsuyoshi Teragaki
Chief Operating Officer, Forest Products Div.
Satoru Ichinokawa
Chief Operating Officer, Chemicals Div.
Takeshi Mamiya
Regional CEO for ASEAN & Southwest Asia; Regional COO for ASEAN; Managing Director, Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd.
Executive Officers Minoru Tomita
General Manager, Osaka Branch
Takashi Imamura
General Manager, Research Institute
Takashi Yao
Regional CEO for Oceania; Chairman & Managing Director, Marubeni Australia Ltd.
Koichi Ariizumi
General Manager, Legal Dept.
Koji Kashima
Senior Operating Officer for CAO, CHRO
Taro Kawabe
Chief Operating Officer, Finance, Leasing & Real Estate Business Div.
Koichi Uchida
Chief Operating Officer, Energy Div.
Satoru Harada
Chief Operating Officer, Power Div.
Masayuki Omoto
CDIO; Chief Operating Officer, Next Generation Business Development Div.; Vice Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee
Satoru Yokoshiki
General Manager, Business Accounting Dept.
Hideyoshi Iwane
General Manager, Corporate Accounting Dept.
Chijo Tajima
General Manager, Finance Dept.
Hiromitsu Morishima
Chief Operating Officer, Lifestyle Div.
Hiromichi Mizuno
General Manager, Corporate Planning & Strategy Dept.
Yasuhiko Ogura
General Manager, Executive Secretariat
Kei Tomomi
Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure Project Div.
Toshio Shinoda
Regional CEO for China; President, Marubeni (China) Co., Ltd.
Tomonobu Miki
Chief Operating Officer, Food Div. -Ⅰ
Daisuke Tsuchiya
Chief Operating Officer, Metals & Mineral Resources Div.
Toru Okazaki
Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace & Ship Div.
Hidefumi Oya
Chief Operating Officer, Food Div. -Ⅱ
Toshihiro Fukumura
Chief Operating Officer, Next Generation Corporate Development Div.
Atsushi Suzuki
General Manager, Chubu Branch
Takashi Fujinaga
Chief Operating Officer, IT Solutions Div.
Kazuhiro Kondo
Chief Operating Officer, Construction, Industrial Machinery & Mobility Div.

(As of June 23, 2023)