CDIONext Generation Business Development Division

Major Business Areas

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  • Smart City & Smart Infrastructure Businesses

    Smart City & Infrastructure Businesses

    In these businesses, we will strive to use smart technologies to solve energy, environmental, safety, administrative and other such societal issues that urban centers in Asia face. In doing so, we will contribute to the development of more livable communities in Asia.
    Furthermore, we will develop high-quality industrial parks in Asia that are safe and environmentally friendly, and that contribute to the sharing of technology, human resource development, and the creation of industries and jobs.

  • New Decarbonization Technology

    New Technology

    We will promote the next-generation battery business and contribute to the world’s goal of building a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society. We will also aim to create a sustainable society by developing energy storage technology for a wide range of applications and to contribute to “greening” that promotes a virtuous cycle for the economy and the environment.

  • DX Offshore

    Offshore DX

    To meet the DX needs brought on by the global acceleration of digitalization, we will contribute to solving the social challenges of IT resource shortages by participating in offshore development businesses that provide abundant and competitive IT resources and by supporting the DX of society and businesses.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

    Pharmaceutical Products & Medical Devices

    We are driving growth in the medical market―a market with clear regional disparities.
    Beginning as a CSO (Contract Sales Organization), and developing into a CRO (Contract Research Organization), we will look to expand our expertise and network in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, and pursue the creation of a product portfolio.

  • Medical Infrastructure Services

    Medical Infrastructure

    We are pursuing solutions to medical infrastructure related issues. By supporting and constructing medical infrastructure such as general hospitals, specialized hospitals, and checkup centers, we will work to enhance medicine and healthcare. Through the adoption of an advanced digital outsourcing model, we will provide value by simultaneously pursuing economic rationality and high quality.

  • Medical Processes

    Medical Processes

    In anticipation of an increase in medical demand due to rapid population growth and the aging of the population in Asia, we will contribute to the improvement of medical services in the region by deploying Japan’s high-quality specimen testing technology.

  • Brand Distribution (Retail and Wholesale)

    Brand Distribution (Retail and Wholesale)

    Targeting Millennials and Generation Z, we will pursue a form of retailing that anticipates changes in the behavior of younger generations through actual store operations and partnerships with retailers and wholesalers.
    Ainz & Tulpe Malaysia Website

  • Wellness & Beauty

    Wellness & Beauty

    We have welcomed the Clean Beauty brand—which incorporates an awareness of wellness functionality and an understanding of the consumer propensity in this industry towards the SDGs—into our portfolio.
    We will develop the brand for next generation consumers in digital and physical stores in Japan and Asia.
    SHIGETA PARIS Website (available in Japnese Only)

  • Consumer Brands

    Consumer Brands

    We are developing foreign brands and our own brands domestically and internationally in a wide range of fields, including apparel, footwear, miscellaneous goods, and cosmetics. Utilizing our expertise in product planning and marketing, we will launch new brands and provide high-quality, competitively priced products in Japan and overseas.
    IFME Website
    MERRELL Website
    ROCKPORT Website
    LACOSTE Website

  • Metaverse


    We will promote business development in crypto assets, NFTs, and metaverse areas that utilize blockchain technology, with the aim of creating a next-generation economic zone.

  • Education Business

    Education Business

    Developing digital-based education business in Asia. Utilizing EdTech, we aim to provide educational content and solutions suited to the demands of emerging countries.

  • Exploration of Other High-Growth Areas

    Exploration of Other High-Growth Areas

    We are exploring opportunities to create next-generation businesses in high-growth areas, such as tapping into growth in Africa and other mega-trends.

Our Strengths

Operations that emphasize agility and speed, systems that enable specialization in growth domains

We will pursue growth themes in domains that are expected to see explosive growth in the future and emphasize speed to engage in the creation of new business models.

Development and construction of new business models focusing on solving social and customer challenges regardless of the product verticals of existing businesses

By anticipating the future need for social infrastructure and technological foundations (e.g. blockchain and next generation batteries), we will be able to create new business models.

Systems capable of drawing on the strengths of Marubeni

Through collaboration with the other business divisions, we will promote businesses that fully utilize all of Marubeni’s resources. By promoting horizontal expansion (entering new domains and linking them with existing ones), we will engage in the creation of new businesses.