Business Expansion of Clinical Laboratory Testing Services in the Philippines

Jul. 06, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), together with LSI Medience Corporation (hereinafter, “LSI”), and Metro Pacific Health Corporation (hereinafter, “MPH”), one of the largest private hospital groups in the Philippines, have concluded an agreement for the business expansion of Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. (hereinafter, “Medi Linx”), which is operated on a cooperative basis among Marubeni, LSI, and MPH (hereinafter, the “Agreement”).

Clinical laboratory testing services are an essential part of a continuum of activities in the healthcare domain, including those for prevention, diagnosis and testing, treatment, and follow-up. In recent years, the importance of clinical laboratory testing services has also been increasing as part of advanced healthcare—including genetic testing—as well as in pharmaceutical and academic research.

Since its establishment in 2017, Medi Linx has introduced advanced Japanese technology and know-how at its laboratory in Makati Medical Center (MMC), one of the largest general hospitals in the Philippines. It has thereby contributed to quality improvements in clinical laboratory testing services by means of increases in the number of test items and optimization of test processing times. In April 2023, Medi Linx opened a standalone laboratory in Quezon City to provide clinical laboratory testing services to hospitals and clinics, as well as to patients, in the area.

Based on the Agreement, Medi Linx will offer to the MPH Group hospitals (currently 20 sites including MMC, as of June 2023) its expertise in the operation of clinical laboratories by way of outsourcing agreements, with the intention of bringing Medi Linx’s expertise to all MPH group hospitals. Through Medi Linx, Marubeni, with LSI and MPH, intends to actively cater to the demand for laboratory testing services in the Philippines.

Medi Linx

In addition to clinical laboratory testing services, Marubeni has been developing its healthcare businesses in Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, and other regions, and is also participating in IVF-related businesses in the Philippines. Through its Philippines businesses, Marubeni will contribute to the expansion of medical services and the improvement of medical standards in the country.

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Medi Linx Overview
Company Name: Medi Linx Laboratory Inc.
Head Office: Makati City, Republic of the Philippines
Established: January 2017
Representative: Mar Diokno/CEO
Main Business: Provision of clinical laboratory testing service in the Philippines
Website: https://medilinx.com.ph/