Marubeni Invests in FoodTech Startup, DAIZ Inc.
- Beginning Marketing to Enter the Plant-based Meat Market in the U.S. -

Dec. 17. 2020
Marubeni Corporation

On December 7th, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, "Marubeni") reached an agreement (hereinafter, the "Agreement") withDAIZ Inc. (hereinafter, “DAIZ”), a Japanese FoodTech start-up that develops and produces the plant-based meat ingredient “Miracle Meat” from germinated soybeans. Under the Agreement, Marubeni invested JPY 100 million (approximately US$ 0.95 million) and will support DAIZ to expand sales of “Miracle Meat” in Japan and to secure a stable supply of soybeans. Marubeni will also start marketing in the US to bring “Miracle Meat” into the plant-based meat industry.

The plant-based foods market has been growing worldwide as a new eco-friendly source of protein. The market is estimated to grow from approximately JPY 500 billion (approximately US$ 4.8 billion) in 2020 to over JPY 2.5 trillion (approximately US$ 24 billion) by 2030. The plant-based meat market is booming, especially in the US where millennials and Generation Z, who are highly socially conscious about the food crisis and environmental issues, are shaping the market. However, plant-based meat still requires improvement when it comes to the “taste” and “sustainability” factors. Marubeni has been seeking out new business opportunities in the plant-based food industry by utilizing its strong grain procurement system achieved through ample experience in grain trading and in North American businesses. By partnering with DAIZ and utilizing its innovative technology, Marubeni aims to improve upon the “taste” and “sustainability” of plant-based meat.

The core technology of DAIZ consists of a combination of its patented germination method and extrusion method. This allows for the production of “Miracle Meat”, a tasty, sustainable, plant-based meat ingredient created from soybeans, with reduced beany off-flavor and meat-like taste and texture.

About “Miracle Meat”:
・Miracle Meat is made from whole soybeans germinated by the “Ochiai style high-pressure method”, a patented technology to induce germination by controlling the amount of
 oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and water content. This method allows for increased nutritional value, including amino acids and fiber.
・By extruding the germinated whole soybeans, “Miracle Meat” can mimic the texture of real meat such as beef, pork, or chicken.
・High-oleic soybeans are used as a raw material, which can reduce the beany off-flavor that plant-based meats often have.
・Since “Miracle Meat” is made from whole soybeans, the production process is simple. It also reduces the usage of additional additives or processing agents to mask the beany off-
 flavor, making “Miracle Meat” eco-friendly.

By combining DAIZ’s innovative technology and Marubeni’s global grain procurement network and marketing capabilities, Marubeni will contribute to the distribution of tasty and sustainable plant-based meat throughout the world.

< A hamburger made with “Miracle Meat” > < A hamburger made with “Miracle Meat” >
<DAIZ’s “Miracle Meat” Production Method> <DAIZ’s “Miracle Meat” Production Method>


<About DAIZ >
Company Name DAIZ Inc.
Location TelWel Kuamoto 7th floor, 5-1-1, Minamikumamoto, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, Japan, 860-0812
Established December 1, 2015
President & CEO Tsuyoshi Ide
Main Business Production, sales, and application development of plant-based meat ingredient “Miracle Meat” from whole soybeans.
Website https://www.daiz.inc/