Establishment of a Member Association for The Marubeni Group’s Clientele

Jan. 25. 2019
Marubeni Corporation

On January 1st of this year, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, "Marubeni") established a member Association for the Marubeni Group's clientele in Japan called, "Marubeni Business Partner Association" (hereinafter, "Association").

The purpose of the Association is to use the Marubeni Group’s platform to contribute to the business development of its members’ enterprises, and provide members with a “one-stop service” that includes sharing various information, services, products and solutions. The Association offers cost reduction advice, discount insurance plans, management support services, and employee benefit services. In addition, the Association provides information on various seminars sponsored by Marubeni Group companies, various reports from Marubeni, and reports on the Association’s own activities which contain updated lists of all the newest support services provided by the Association as well as other pertinent information.

At the time of establishment, 16 group companies, including Marubeni itself, have committed to providing their services, products and solutions to the Association. These services will continue to grow and expand in variety and scale moving forward.

<Overview of the Association>
Association Name Marubeni Business Partner Association
Association Outline Providing members with information, services, products and solutions
Establishment 1st January 2019
Secretariat Marubeni Insurance & Risk Solution Dept.
Membership Qualifications Companies that have transaction experience with the Marubeni Group
Membership Fee Free
Homepage http://www.kyoryokukai.jp/