Marubeni Ina Mirai Denki Providing New Options to Agricultural Producers through its Community-based Business

Feb. 22. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), through its regional Power Producer and Supplier (PPS), Marubeni Ina Mirai Denki, jointly owned and operated by Ina City of Nagano Prefecture and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc,. has been working on a new community-based business that supports agricultural producers of the Ina Valley area.

This project, led by The Inadani Association of Community Network and Better Relations formed by Marubeni Ina Mirai Denki and joined by local partners engaged in the food and tourism industries, started as a measure to build connections between people and Ina Valley and eventually attract those people to visit the area. As of February 22nd, Ina Mirai Denki will begin supporting the sale of new branded vegetables “Inadani Decoration Vegetables” (Inadani Decovege).


Marubeni Ina Mirai Denki has re-valued the vegetables produced by the farmers of Ina Valley, which maintain the natural  taste and appearance of the vegetables-with each bite, you can almost taste the 24 seasons of the Ina Valley region. The company hopes that by revaluing and branding the Ina Valley vegetables as “Inadani Decoration Vegetables”, and by selling them to restaurants in the Tokyo area, that the cooks and customers of those restaurants take notice, become fans of and eventually build stronger relationships with Ina Valley.

Ina Valley is known as the biggest valley in Japan; it is deeper than the Grand Canyon and gets lots of sun coverage, comparable even to Miyakojima in Okinawa. The vegetables that grow there are said to be especially strong in flavor and color due to the Valley’s unique geographical features. Inadani Decoration Vegetables adopt production methods that prioritize the original taste and appearance of vegetables that are rarely available outside of the Ina Valley region.

Currently, 4 restaurants in Tokyo plan to use Inadani Decoration Vegetables and some will be providing special course menus incorporating them. The courses will be available at JPY 5,000 – 15,000. In addition, limited numbers of Decovege Home Cooking Sets will be available online for those who want to stay home but still enjoy professional-grade recipes.

Coexistence and co-prosperity with the local community is indispensable in the domestic power business, and in Ina Valley, including Ina City, Marubeni will continue to introduce local renewable energy, promote local production for local consumption, and initiate new projects like the Inadani Decovege project as part of the company’s community-based businesses.

About Inadani Decovege:
Official Instagram Account: @inadani_decovege
Official Website: https://inadani-plat-form.com/

Restaurants that will provide Inadani Decovege incorporated course menus:
1:NonTitle /NARITAYUTAKA (Akasaka)
  (Location: 4-2-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Dear City Akasaka Hitotsukikan 2nd floor)
  (Location: Brilliant Building 1F, 2-16-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

About Inadani Decovege Home Cooking Sets (Limited time and quantity):
“Inadani Decovege Home Cooking Sets”
1:Inadani Turnip Clam Chowder served with colourful Inadani Decovege
JPY 1,980 (Tax included, shipping fee non-included)
Supervised by Chef Narita Yutaka of Akasaka “NonTitle”

2:Soba-wheat flour galette with Inadani Decovege
JPY 2,480 (Tax included, shipping fee non-included)
Supervised by Chef Tatsuro Watanabe of Ina City “Kurabe CONTINENTAL DELICATESSEN” 

Decovege Home Cooking Sets Available Period:
February 22nd 2021 – March 31st 2021

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